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Welcome to Adriana's The Whole Enchilada

Well, we're back and we'll tell you all about it!... just as soon as we get a minute.


Bandido burger


Yes, El Bandido is indeed, still in town and continues to show his face every Thursday… lunchtime… until he gets kicked out of the country again. He is "WANTED" in Mexico, not wanted at all in the US, and Canada has yet to make up its mind - new government and all, y'know.

And for the rest of us... all 20 of us!

We are the only large-scale manufacturer of corn tortillas on Vancouver Island. Our products are being used by several restaurants in the downtown area, Langford and Brentwood.

We are capable of producing custom shapes for your chips or tortilla products.

We use local products from Saanich Peninsula farms and suppliers when available.

For those with special dietary concerns, please check with Adriana personally. She can always find a way to satisfy your requirements.

Certified Nutritional Analyses of our products are from 'At the Table Nutrition' in Vancouver and are available on request.

Adriana's in now in its sixth year of operation at the Keating location. We feature our traditional and popular Mexican cuisine items such as: SuperTacos, Burritos, Taquitos, Quesadillas, Azteca Pies, Yam Pastries, Enchiladas, Salsas, Tacos, Tamales. We also prepare traditional dishes, such as Chiles Rellenos, Pozole, Arepas, Flautas… you name it!


Mexican food made with LOVE!

Comida Mexicana hecha con AMOR!